Data Verification

Data Verification

Customer information is one of the most valuable assets a company owns. Corporations worldwide spend a significant amount of their marketing budgets to acquire strategic customers, prospects and other business-related data. Industry statistics show that B2C data perishes at an average rate of 1–2% per month while B2B data, deteriorates at a rate of 1–2% per week.

Our data verification services ensures companies in maintaining the highest possible level of data accuracy and immediacy. This is essential for the most successful execution of any data-driven direct marketing, CRM or data warehousing initiative.

What is data verification?

This is the process where data are checked and validated to make sure that it is still valid and free from any errors. We will help to call up the database and ensure the lead’s contact information are still valid. This includes their current company, role, contact number and email addresses.

Why get data verification services?

Data verification is not an easy task and can take a lot of time. Thus, it is essential that you look for a dedicated team to regularly check customer and company information. It gives you the leverage of having updated records all the time.

Just so you know, a business plan using erroneous records can have a negative impact on your company. No matter how strategic your plan is, using the wrong data will not allow you to reach your operation’s maximum potential.

Why engage us?

There are hundreds of BPOs offering data verification services. However, only a few can deliver impressive standards. One of the leading BPO companies that provide data verification is Avery BPO. With us, your company gets to experience the following:

  • Strategic and timely business decisions
  • Quality and reliable database
  • Optimised workflow
  • Improved company performance
  • Overall business growth

Avery BPO has worked with numerous companies in different industries. This allows us to understand the best data verification processes perfect for your business. We value honesty and integrity, and that is why you can trust that all your shared data will be kept private and confidential.

With our team, we maintain efficient data verification services that are cost-efficient. We value our working relationships with our clients. Hence, only providing quality services that you deserve. Your data is important to us as it is important to your business. Let us do the quality check and you can focus on formulating the best decisions for your company.